• Personal Interaction Plan

  • Education and Support

  • Resources and Referrals

  • Mentoring

24/7 Dad (AM/PM) - Building on theses 5 characteristics in men

​Self- Awareness

Caring for Self

Fathering Skills
Parenting Skills

Relationship Skills

24/7 Dad (AM) is delivered in 12, two-hour sessions:

​• Family History
• What it Means to Be a Man
• Showing and Handling Feelings
• Men’s Health
• Communication
• The Father’s Role
• Discipline
• Children’s Growth
• Getting Involved
• Working with Mom & Co-Parenting
• Dads and Work
• My 24/7 Dad® Checklist/Impact & Celebration

​Domestic Violence Education Prevention and Advocacy

​• Elements of Domestic Violence.
• Understanding the Cyclical Nature of Domestic Violence
• The “Red Flags” of Domestic Violence

​Life Skills Education Series for (Non-Custodial) Fathers

​• Workforce Readiness

• Rights and Responsibilities
• Visitation Education
• Child Support Education
• Money Management

Other Services and Resources

​Case Management (as needed)
• Men’s support group (e. g., “A Gathering of Men”)
• Child welfare support
• Family reunification support
• Mentoring and advocacy
• “Dad’s Club” for school activities and community events
• Community outreach, work shop trainings and referrals
• Organizing/promoting social activities and community events for fathers, children & their families.

Services Support / Resources