• To socialize men to becoming responsible fathers.

  • To educate fathers on the importance of being responsible, involved and committed in the lives of their children.

  • To support and encourage disconnected fathers to reconnect and sustain stable and healthy relationships with their   children. 

  • Helping children by promoting responsible fatherhood.

  • To be a consistent voice in communities on the importance of "healthy father-child relationships.”

  • To advocate the practice of father inclusion and equal parenting in all public and private community sectors.  

Beliefs and Values

Vision Statement

A society where children thrive, families are strong, and communities are safe as a result of responsible fathering.

Goals and Objectives

To eliminate fatherlessness in San Bernardino by promoting a culture of father inclusion and responsible fatherhood in our communities. This mission will be accomplished in collaboration with local schools, community partners, faith-based organizations and public and private agencies.  

​Target Areas:

  • Poverty Diversion
  • Educational Achievement
  • Child Abuse Prevention   

Mission Statement

Believes in the essential role of fathers. (Slogan: “Fathers Are Essential”)

Believes that fathers are more responsive when treated with dignity and respect.

Believes that when fathers are positively involved, children demonstrate more positive outcomes (i.e., academically, emotionally and socially).

Believes in the importance of fathers respecting and having positive relationships with their children’s mother. 

Believes that positive co-parenting is critical for children’s emotional well-being and overall development. 

Believes that when fathers are strengthened and supported, the family structure is stronger and communities are safer and healthier.  

Believes most fathers want to be positively involved in their children’s lives. 

Believes most fathers benefit when supported and guided by other positive male role models.